No Smoking
Canopy Area


  1. Lost and Found is located at the Shine FM tent.
  2. If there is a lost child, please report immediately to the First Aid Tent.
  3. Alcohol and/or drug use is strictly prohibited. Please report violators to event security.
  4. NO SMOKING on or inside horse track area. Signs are posted.
  5. NO PETS are allowed on the fairground property.
  6. Tents and umbrellas are allowed in designated areas only and must not block the view of other attendees. (see map)
  7. No solicitation of flyers, literature, stickers, etc. of any kind is allowed on the grounds without approval from Shine FM.
  8. In case of inclement weather, please listen to announcements for up‐to‐date weather information.
  9. No drones without Shine FM approval.
  10. Shine FM is not responsible for any damage or loss of any items.